Chanel F/W15 Embroidered Mosaic Bag Collection

2015-10-29 Ken Chanel


No one forgets a Chanel runway experience in Paris, much less one where most of the Grand Palais, a huge exhibition space in the heart of the city (that’s also home to Chanel’s RTW presentations) is transformed in the hands of Karl Lagerfeld. There was a huge ice glacier one season, a giant spinning globe in another, and they even turned the Grand Palais into the chicest Chanel supermarket yet complete with aisle upon aisle of Chanel-branded groceries for the F/W14 season.

For F/W15,  Chanel went for a Parisian icon, the local brasserie, and created one that within the grand halls had waiters serving coffee, counters heaving with freshly baked croissants and glasses of orange juice set against an ornate set, complete with richly panelled wood, leather sitting booths and mosaic-tiled floors.


And in keeping with the tradition of picking elements of the theme that would eventually be translated into clothes, bags, shoes and/or accessories, here’s the first thing from the collection I’ll be covering, these lovely embroidered mosaic bags that have just the right amount of shine. Embroidered by Maison Lesage for Chanel, you’ll find their delicate work on at least 2 Flaps and a Boy Chanel as far as the bags as concerned.

Measuring 20 cm by 12.5 cm for the Flap Bag (they come in Small) and 25 cm by 15 cm for the Boy Chanel, you will definitely be sitting pretty with these beauties casually slung over your chair as you sip on your hot frothy latte. Which just brings me back to the Grand Palais all over again. Oh, the memories. And while I’m daydreaming about you know where, you can now head to your nearest local Chanel and check with your SA about these beauties’ availability and price.


One more thing, actually, make it 3 more things before I go. In keeping with the whole brassiere theme of the collection, there are also 3 bags with the same vibe, comprising the Brassiere Gabrielle Plexiglas Plates Minaudiere (shown above), another featuring a menu but is actually a long leather clutch, and a Flap Bag decorated with miniature forks, knifes and spoons. All so so cute too if you ask me.



2015-10-29 Ken Chanel


If you have to choose which country to buy your Chanel bag, which country will offer you the lowest price? Is it in Europe? USA ? Hong Kong or Singapore?

With the prices of Chanel bags steadily increasing, most girls are itching to get their hands on one of the iconic bags sooner rather than later. Even if you’re committed to the big purchase, it wouldn’t hurt to save a few hundred bucks with a bit of research and geographic know-how.

Two major factors to consider:

  1. Currency Rates between your local currency vs the country currency you are visiting

  2. Tax Refund policy in the country you are buying to from.

If you planning to buy Chanel in Europe & London  …

If you’re a tourist in the EU you can even get an addition 13% discount as part of the VAT refund that they offer to non-EU citizens. London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 is also a haven for those who are interested in the newer Chanel bag designs (not the classic flap designs, which they don’t stock anymore). Shopping in Heathrow also means you save an automatic 20% since the prices exclude VAT. However make sure to brush up on your foreign exchange knowledge. Remember: if you’re a tourist, the stronger the pound is in the market, the less your savings will be so if Euro is weaker compared to Pounds versus your local currency, please buy it in Europe.


If you planning to buy Chanel in America …

The United States Government does not refund sales tax to foreign visitors so if you are planning to buy your Chanel there, take into account of the different sales tax rates per state in the US.

City sales taxes are Birmingham, AL (10%), Montgomery, AL (10%), Long Beach, CA (9.75%), Los Angeles, CA (9.75%), Oakland, CA (9.75%), Fremont, CA (9.75%), Chicago, IL (9.75%), Glendale, AZ (9.6%), Seattle, WA (9.5%) and San Francisco, CA (9.5%).

The best place to buy Chanel is Alaska as there is no sales tax but that is if you can find a Chanel outlet there. IMO, USA is the worst place to buy Chanel.

If you planning to buy Chanel in Asia …

Lastly, with the luxury market skyrocketing in Asia, designer goods are now priced at a premium compared to European prices so it’s not as advisable to purchase the likes of Chanel in Asia as many Asians are flocking to Europe to buy them. But if you’re dying to get your hands on that coveted Chanel purse, Hong Kong is still your best bet to score a better deal on a Chanel bag compared to Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries. Hong Kong’s tax exceptions and less stringent regulation policies help keep the prices of designer items relatively competitive to Western regions.


The best place to buy Chanel is Heathrow airport, Terminal 3 before you depart. You will not be charged any taxes at all however you run the risk of not finding what you want. Even though buying Europe allow to do tax refund, you do not get the full tax refund as there are service fees involved.


Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – Paris Fashion Week

2015-10-12 Ken Fashion

As Bruno herself has often stated, she usually observes women and looks at modern art photographs in her endless search for inspiration, as she tries to create comfy and innovative clothes. For her Vanessa Bruno spring/summer 2016 collection the designer got inspired by last summer’s sophisticated ethno chic wave, which looks like what a woman in the Seventies would have worn during a trip to South America. Not for nothing, Bruno described her collection as an amalgam of “easy clothes for difficult girls”, perfectly meant for independent women who like to travel, be confident and feel good in their own skin. As we go along the line-up, this statement of intent becomes clear.

Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Parisian couture fashion designer Vanessa Bruno used to be an actress, singer and model before she decided to step into the design world and launch her eponymous brand in 1996. Daughter of a Danish supermodel (who was famous in the Sixties) and the man behind the French fashion house Emmanuelle Khanh, Vanessa was raised by a family devoted to fashion and was basically destined to enter this dazzling world made of catwalks, innovation and creativity. She became famous soon during the late Nineties for showcasing a dusty colored palette, combined with an effortlessly chic minimalistic style.

Her style mixes contemporary staples with more contemporary shapes and lines, which takes Bruno’s mother’s Sixties attitude to a more modern point of view. Collection after collection, Bruno managed to refine her outfits, becoming famous for her prints, tunics and jersey knits.

While palazzo pants may draw our attention almost immediately (revealing one of next season’s must-haves), skirts and dresses are the indisputable protagonists of the Vanessa Bruno spring/summer 2016 collection, and make great efforts to combine practicality with femininity. A-line, flared and gathered skirts, both floor and below-the-knee length, are here enhanced with vivid earthy colors and tied belts, which often interrupt the outfit giving a great balanced dynamicity to the look. Most of the floor-length skirts are actually part of big maxi dresses, which along with knee wrap and draped skirts give the collection a great Seventies allure. One of the most innovative dresses is probably the drop-waist grey one with a colored fur application, which may be seen as Bruno’s desire to spice up the line-up.

Jackets and tops had their time to shine too, as we see smoking jackets and a few pastel blazers, delightfully combined with ethnic motifs and color-solid tops. Although most of the tops are basic tank tops or T-shirts, Bruno had definitely fun creating her extremely short crop-tops and knitted shell shirts, as well as those peplum shirts and camisoles. Most of these tops take great advantage from Bruno’s main theme, the Seventies, and are adorned either with floral embroideries, lace or see-through fabrics. Wide-striped motifs have been used here as well, and show Bruno’s indissoluble connection with her beloved Sixties.

Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The second most remarkable and important part of the Vanessa Bruno spring 2016 line-up is the idea of combining a collection within the collection. Bruno, who firmly believes that ‘less is more’ and is mainly renowned for her jewelry designs, applies this statement carefully to every single aspect of her life, jewelry included. Her jewelry collection for the new season uses simple lines, material and colors to throw us into a more ethnic-oriented fashion. Blue and brown pearls and emerald stone pendants, along with hoop earrings give the line-up a clear ethnic allure, respecting the designer’s sense of fashion in its purest way. Purses and sandals add to this idea, and are probably going to be next seasons’ most purchased accessories.

Even though this collection may seem to be way too easy, it is definitely not simplistic, and shows Bruno’s excellent abilities as a fashion designer. She is in fact somehow capable of turning everything she touches into haute couture pieces, which are certainly minimalistic in their appearance but not in their spirit.

Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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Pick Up an Allstate Foundation Purple Purse or Purse Charm Now!

Writer:fashion Date:2015-10-7 23:36 Wednesday Categories:Other Brands


As we recently announced, we’ve partnered with The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse to help raise awareness about and aid victims of domestic and financial abuse. Last week at The Plaza Hotel, we joined The Allstate Foundation, 2015 Purple Purse ambassador Kerry Washington and handbag designer Dee Ocleppo to celebrate the cause and catch a glimpse of the new bag.

We had a wonderful time with the other members of The Allstate Foundation PURSEonal Voices Network, as well as with Kerry and Dee; it was inspiring to see everyone band together to talk about domestic abuse, hear the stories of survivors and lead the way toward awareness and support, starting with the 2015 Purple Purse.

Kerry and Dee collaborated on the bag, which is a croc-embossed leather flap clutch with a removable gold-tone chain strap. The bag is now available exclusively at Saks for $350, with 25% of proceeds going to aid survivors and spread the word on the insidious nature of financial abuse.


If you’re not looking for a new bag but would still like to help, you can purchase a $10 Purple Purse bag charm, for which proceeds go to aid the 160 local non-profits competing to raise money for domestic and financial abuse victims in this year’s Purple Purse Challenge.

Also, if you’d like to deepen your own understanding of the challenges that domestic and financial abuse victims face, The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse has just unveiled an immersive online experience called “Why Don’t You Just Leave?” In it, you can go through the decision-making process that many abuse victims are faced with, day in and day out; it’s a powerful tool toward greater empathy.


Chanel Coco Crush Jewellery Collection

2015-10-12 Ken Chanel

Chanel Coco Crush Jewellery Collection

chanel_coco-crush-jewellery-collection1You’ve read the earlier post regarding Chanel making her online debut over at Net-A-Porter with the Coco Crush jewellery collection, and for those of you still holding out because you’d really prefer to try them on first to see how they’ll look, I’ve got good news. What about the Coco Ones Below?

chanel_coco-crush-jewellery-collection2The Coco Crush rings in yellow and white gold in Small, Medium and Large sizes

Launched today in Singapore (1 May 2015) at Chanel’s fine jewellery boutique located within Ngee Ann City, you’ll be able to try them on for yourself and see which of the two golds (yellow, or white gold) in the various widths would suit you best.

Then there’s also the mother of all gold cuffs, the 18K Coco Crush yellow gold bracelet that even Wonder Woman would want, and definitely worth another look. Prices range from SGD2940 to SGD4840, depending on the size (and by size I mean it comes in 3 different widths), with the gold bracelet coming in at SGD28,310.


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